Making Your Own Saddle Pads

If you don't me personally, I sew a lot....so I decided to try my hand at making my own saddle pads. I wanted something relatively light weight and washable to put under my fleece pad...that keeps shifting...and my saddle started getting noticeable sweat marks from the horse's back. I looked to Ebay to purchase a "baby blanket pad" but when I factored in shipping costs and transit times, I just didn't have the patience.

Unlike some of my project ideas, this one went pretty smoothly, so I decided to share... First, I started with 2 and a half yards of pre-quilted cotton fabric from Walmart--45" inch wide. I kept the fabric folded as it would be on the bolt, and then folded it horizontally to make three equal pieces. I cut the folds on the left and right side, so the only folds were at the top. Then, I opened the three pieces and cut the fabric so that the edges were curved and also cut an indentation where the horses withers fall. With the "nice side" of the fabric on the inside, I sewed 1 inch all the way around the fabric, like you would a pillow--leaving a hole on one of the long sides of the fabric. Then, I turned the fabric right-side out. Next, I sewed all the way around the fabric about 1 inch from the outside, sewing closed the hole I used to flip it right side out. Finally, I added all the flat nylon rope to create billet and girth holders.

The ones I made will fit an English saddle or an Australian saddle, but I bet a Western saddle would work with them too. All in all the pads I made cost a about $14 a piece!